Being able to respond appropriately to an emergency requires specialized training. Your district sponsors the training and education of volunteers to become firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics.  Over the years the level of medical services provided in pre-hospital medicine has risen. These volunteers are prepared to provide sophisticated interventions that help stabilize a patient while transporting them to the hospital.  Our training and education programs require that the person we train must serve as a volunteer for a period after their graduation so the district recoups its investment. These programs are an equitable deal for all.


Because the district strongly supports training, only one of our firefighters is not at least also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). All volunteers are certified to provide High Quality CPR. We have one Advanced EMT and two Paramedics, all of whom are also firefighters.


We have a consistent and well attended training program. We drill every Tuesday evening. The drills alternate between fire and medical.


A fire drill consists mainly of hands-on scenarios, scene size-up, communication, accessing hydrants, supplying water to the fire engine using a tender (tanker truck), extricating patients from vehicles, hose deployment, attacking fires, etc.  Our non-firefighter volunteers actively cross-train in logistics and support on fires. This frees our firefighters up to directly attack the fire and greatly expands the capability to respond and the cohesiveness of on-scene operations.


Medical drills focus on using clinical reasoning to better assess and treat patients, the proper use of medical equipment and medications, mechanics of transport, rescue helicopter transfers, active shooter scenarios, and other training opportunities; often in cooperation with other districts in the county.


This continuing education and hands-on training allows our volunteers to effectively respond to Basic (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) medical and trauma emergencies, basic technical rescues, motor vehicle accidents, technical level Hazmat incidents, along with the structural and wildland fires traditionally viewed as the primary responsibility of a fire district.


We have earned the reputation as having some of the most well-trained emergency response volunteers in Clallam County.


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