Proudly Serving the Joyce Community Since 1955


Clallam County FPD4’s volunteer responders are your neighbors, friends, and family members.  They are the first people on the scene when you call 911 for a fire, accident, or medical emergency.  Over the last 4+ years our volunteers have responded to over 1,200 emergencies. Although individuals cycle in and out of service over the years, we support an average of 20 active emergency response volunteers. 

Our volunteers have extensive training. We train in all skills needed to respond, from practicing CPR and medical emergency scenarios, to managing controlled burns and equipment practice, to using the Jaws of Life to pry open an old vehicle. Our volunteers are very committed to their jobs. They take their positions and their work seriously, bringing safety and security to the community as a whole.

We also support a Juniors program, giving our resident high school students the opportunity to train with us and be prepared to enter the medical and firefighting certification classes as soon as they are old enough to qualify.
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