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Board of Commissioners

The Board attends to the business of governing in open public meetings. The board must certify payroll expenditures. It approves and signs off on all claims payment requests for services rendered and labor performed. It also monitors revenues and expenditures by fund, the history of checks issued, donations and contributions, and bank statements. In addition, the board monitors state policy, current best practices, and ensures the district complies fully with statutory requirements concerning open meetings, open access to records, and general transparency, and welcomes public/community comment.

The Board establishes and monitors progress against strategic plans, analyzes and identifies funding sources, formulates annual budgets, develops tax levy proposals, and approves key policies. It ensures adherence to Washington State’s RCW Title 52 statutory requirements, and to CCFPD4’s Policy and Procedure Manual. In its monthly meetings, the Board receives and discusses staff reports, financial reports, and committee reports, and participates in approving resolutions. In all instances, it works closely with the CCFPD4 Chief. In addition, the Board supervises the Fire Chief.

The Board Secretary works closely with the District’s Administrative Assistant to assure that financial records are thorough, complete, and kept in accordance with state guidelines. The Board provides oversight for the management of personnel issues and monitors expenditures and revenues.

You can read more about each commissioner on the page called “Commissioners.”

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